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    [Suggestion] Add Item functions to EditorPlugin API

    In this game items are utilized on almost the same level as blocks. In the current API we have functions to place, remove, and skin Blocks.

    However, we only have a single function for Items:
    Boolean RemoveItem(CAnchorData Item);
    I would absolutely love if we could have some more access to place and skin Items added to the EditorPlugin API.

    Thank you devs for making such a cool game and for implementing the plugin API in the first place.
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    Ooh, this would be really nice to have!

    If I could add two things to this request, they would be:
    - the ability to place free-mapping blocks (would be similar to the item placement API functionality, of course)
    - the ability to interact with the new air-mapping mode for both ghost and non-ghost blocks (to place blocks without autogenerating support pillars)
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    Those are good additions Phlarx!

    Another thing I would really like is if there were methods in CMapEditorInventory for what happens when you right-click on a inventory item and the inventory is focused to that level as well as navigating up a level from that focus level.

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    Yes please!