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    Dear Ubisoft Staff,

    i dont know why it is so hard to get informations about a solution from the web. all you have to do is go on google and enter "splinter cell blacklist online service not available".

    Then you FIND a Solution from a Player - now your TEAM just have to watch 3:50 min video, analyse the problem, and FIX it!!!! Easy way to solve it!!!!


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfXN8TiryOU <--- Better solution
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    To anyone who is interested in the multiplayer option - you will need to downgrade the launcher back to Uplay. If Ubisoft doesn't do something to stop people from doing this, you can downgrade the launcher, the deluxe content will become available, and you will be able to go online. The only real issue then is that there are no people to play with. But if we go really hard as a team, we just might het trough and be able to enjoy the content, and it trully is a good content.
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