Running around, taking *** and kicking names, having a grand time...

Oops, cutscene time, time to forget EVERYTHING I know about beading the enemy down, shooting, tactics, stealth, etc. I must now drop all my weapons and grab this idiot ball with both arms and my legs too, because... um... reasons?

Seriously though, why do we have to keep dealing with this idiocy on the part of our character? Does the writer REALLY have no idea of how to create tension and conflict without making the main character wear their pants on their head and run around making fart noises? So many times I got yanked out of the fun and enjoyment because the cutscene version of my character decided to act like a complete and total moron, while I am sitting literally spamming the controls that I could use in the situation to stop the idiocy from happening.

Perfect example, the sisters have a hostage, tell me to cuff myself, and I am tapping away at the Y key to activate the ability that my character apparently forgot. The hostage gets killed in front of me, and I need to get beaten before my character remembers, "oh yeah, I can hulk out, break loose, and kick their ***!" Please, FFS, stop forcing my character, forcing ME to be a complete imbecile because you cretins don't seem to know that there are OTHER WAYS to create tension and drama. For example, after doing all the hostage, you open the door, walk-in, and get taunted OVER THE RADIO by the sisters as you discover that the HOSTAGE WAS ALREADY DEAD. WOW, HOLY S***! Tension! DRAMA! A feeling of hopelessness and a desire to shove their faces through the back of their skulls, and you DIDN'T force the player to be STUPID.