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    can confirm. no match is possible currently. co-op in general works though. Hope it's just due to some changes for the new one and it will be back soon so everybody can finish their trophies.
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    I have the same issues. Pls fix this. Can't join any lobby nor create one. As stated above, it's been already 4 days.
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    Same issue, unable to access multiplayer. I haven't been able to connect at all this past weekend. Hopefully we'll hear something soon. Thank you.
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    I have the same issue. Cannot join / find any lobby. Even a private lobby is not working, it's saying "joining" forever.

    Would be great if it could be fixed.
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    Having the same issue since the 24 Sep on PS4. No multiplayer lobbies are available in Arcade.
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    I got a reply from Ubisoft staff. I was told that they were aware and are investigating but could not give a timeframe for a fix. Sounds to me it might be a long wait. At least they are aware of the issue. I hope it would be fixed by the time I finished up FC5 dlcs and then New Dawn.
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    Hey everyone,

    I've just merged two threads on this issue and I'm sorry we still don't have any updates on how long this will be unavailable for, but we are still aware of this being an issue and it's being looked into. Hope it's not too much longer for you all.
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    Arcade is working fine now. Thanks!
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