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    Wildlands community discord

    If you are playing or interested in this game still this discord is for you! This is an area where we can rally this community together, discuss the game and get PVP / coop lobbies together! Join up!
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    Hi, the community has even members like us, in NHT, no HUD team who are playing the ghost mode in NO HUD and simulating military operations enhancing the original story. We use our discord as the TOC\HQ.
    The GRW community is not disbanded, however it's hard to find dedicated players or milsimmers, especially these days (smc crisis, not just gaming crisis and a phase of transition of old generations potentially away from gaming, despite biggest players numbers are still around 30-40 age).
    Anyway, they are somehwere, hiding as ghosts...

    I don't think PvP can compete with other good stuff even in development stuff like EFT, or Ground Branch or Arma III well designed scenarios\missions, or fully developed as Insurgency: sandstorm or even cool tactical games like Thunder Tier 1.
    Especially because PvP of GRW is extremely time consuming before launching a new round and finishes too soon.

    GRW PvP is fun as I play it: no HUD and no Health buffs, true 1-2-3 tap shot\elimination, at least as far as I am concerned. I can't deal with all that trash notifications appearing on screen too many gamers are accustomed to.

    Join our realistic experience and small crew we are building together step by step since almost 2 years.



    Got in touch with das_dasa: good guy and easy going.
    I suggest supporting his initiative too.
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