I'm really enjoying this game so far, but there are a few things I need some clarification on. First is how do I put out the fire when I light my weapons up? I thought switching to my bow would do that but it doesn't. Does fire eventually destroy my weapons on it's own, even if I don't attack anything with them? Next is weapon availability. My starting club broke after I made it to the first starting village. I looked around for a weapon there but there was nothing. I luckily had enough resources to craft another weapon but what was I supposed to do to do if I didn't? Next is the... I forget the exact term but it's the cache that I guess stores resources for you. I don't get how this works even with the description. There doesn't seam to be an option to take anything out or manually put stuff in it, so how do I use this?

Does lighting my weapons on fire increase it's damage? Crafting is done by gathering resources like animals, but most if not all of the animal resources are names of things I don't know, so how am I supposed to know which animal is the one I need? Lastly I'm pretty confused about side missions. I did one, an escort and I was told I completed it, but then after my group kept getting attacked by animals and people endlessly. Nothing told me this was some new quest or event or what I was supposed to do, and I eventually died and spawned somewhere else. So can anyone explain what that all was? Thanks.