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    Friends for Golden Tickets : POST YOUR NICK & PLATFORM

    I seem to have very generous friends already (thanks guys!), but here is the deal; you friend me and gift me tickets a lot, and I'll gift you back in return.

    If I do not perform to your satisfaction... toss my sorry *ss out the door. Sound fair?

    IOS Uplay ID: xitooner

    Lets see some other like-minded players....and make sure to mention IOS/Andriod
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    washington dc
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    have you checked your friends requests xitooner?
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    ok you have, good man
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    IOS: DylanDeMorte
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    IOS: powderj22
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    as my real life name unf matches with uplay screen name (logging in through FB...) i'm not willing to share this in public
    however i will be adding anyone on this thread, so watch out!
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    ID: CasuallyDressed
    Platform: iOS
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    IOS : p5ych0. (including the dot )
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    iOS: FlatCircle
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