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    Nov 2020
    Isere, france

    Thanks tona

    ... for the new little arcade room in round mode. it's very nice, more tricky, and completely different than all those Time attack servers!

    I think the rounds/cup/teams/laps modes are not promoted enough in the arcade. The TA shouldn't be that omnipresent.
    Furthermore, since the solo mode is also TA-like, putting TA servers add redundancy.

    the fact of gathering 70 players could fit those modes above, that are quite funnyier....


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    Apr 2020
    Lovely to hear this feedback!

    I'm also a big fan of promoting more game-modes that are all available with the Club access,

    Cup of the Day is essentially just an automated version of what you can do/host yourself with your very own club rooms (Knockout mode!)