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    No online access after adding custom blocks

    Hello everyone!
    I am a fresh player and ran into a problem yesterday, maybe you guys have experiences with this.

    I was building a map and wanted to add magnet-pieces.
    Went to trackmania exchange and got a magnet pack.
    Instructions were to create a folder called "Stadium" in "items" and then unpack the stuff there.

    Upon trying to restart the game i get some problems:
    • long loading time until start screen
    • no connection to uplay (can talk to friends tho)

    I tried to delete the folder I created again, reinstalled TM and Ubisoft Connect, but still cant play online anymore.

    Please help 🥲

    P.s.: i also get a log file in my "documents" that says something with "buddy.mode.dll" or something like that cant be found.
    I searched the internet already, but could only find people having problems with router, soundcard or having to unlink their switch account.

    P.p.s: posted in wrong forum section, sorry

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    All I know about the custom block, is that it takes a lot of RAM.
    That means at least your loading time can be considered normal.
    Although I'm afraid I might not be too helpful here, any answer is better than no answer right? Here's 2 questions:

    Can you place the magnets in editor, validate the map etc?

    Can you just restart the game without the custom block, will uplay work then?