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    Midnight Circuit broken -- again

    It's becoming a running gag now. Can do first race, then locked out, and leaderboards are broken.

    We were told to submit a ticket last time. Do that all over again?
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    Dont bother. It seems all pre-programmed. There is no support for this game anymore.
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    Same problem again here to. This way i will never complete the HD EV bike...
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    See my reply in the general discussion thread. It looks like it's an android problem
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    same problem here. How do i submit a ticket in order to get it fixed?
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    Originally Posted by seesickseagull Go to original post
    same problem here. How do i submit a ticket in order to get it fixed?

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    Has anyone raised a ticket for the problem, because the season has ended and now all we have is the flashing red lights with no chance to collect any prizes that we earned. And no way of getting rid of those lights
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    I have done that before. They ask standard dumb questions which don't help and then just tell you to wait until it solves itself after three months.
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    Tik tok tik tok.
    Still broken, still no response, still unhappy riders.
    Such a shame. It is such a fun game
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    o...EVO...o's Avatar Member
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    Midnight circuit had been fine for a couple of months but broken again today 🤬
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