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    How long it takes to transfer a game to another account?

    Hi guys. I wanted to transfer my Assassin's Creed Brotherhood game to another account, and it was accepted and escalated. But it has been more than a week and and I'm really fed up with this situation and I'm about to lose my will to play the game I know nowadays ubi-workers are working so hard but I don't think it is normal to take so long. So my question is; Is it normal to take so long and how long will it take to complete this transfer (aproximately)
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    I'm sorry to hear that you are still waiting for your game to be transferred.

    I'm afraid that we are unable to confirm how long this process will take as it gets been escalated to a team who will handle the transfer.

    If you can provide your case reference number I can take a look and add a note to mention you have contacted us via the forums.

    Please note that this forum is dedicated to Ubisoft+ queries and issues. For any general queries we would recommend that you post on this forum, thanks.
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