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    Question About Preorder

    I want to pre order the 119 dollars ultimate edition. I want to know how will I get the hardware if I bought it thru ubisoft?
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    Ubi-Keo's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Jul 2017
    Apologies for the late response.

    Unfortunately we are unable to offer shipping for physical items through all our Ubisoft Stores.

    Please check the support article for the list of countries which can receive orders for physical items.

    If you country is listed then we have a list of shipping methods.
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    WID992007's Avatar Senior Member
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    Also the Far cry 6 Ultimate Edition that costs $119 Does not include any hardware

    just the Base game the season pass and some added cosmetics LIKE OUTFITS , AND A FEW EARLY GUN UNLOCKS
    called the Vice PACK Croc hunter pack and jungle expedition pack

    pre order users also get a new skin for the puppy and access to the cd launcher gun in the game

    your thinking of the collectors edition that comes with the replica of the flame thrower

    Collector's Edition
    Far Cry 6 (Base game)
    Tostador Flamethrower replica and stand
    Set of 10 stickers
    Exclusive steelbook
    Chorizo keyring
    Map of Yara

    .. that was priced at $199 .. not $119


    and it looks like they no longer offer the collector edition .. so may already be SOLD out ..as they only make so many of those , and i'm sure it was a popular seller
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    UbiSushiVamp's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Thanks for the help with this, WID992007!
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    WID992007's Avatar Senior Member
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    no problem i looked online and it does indeed look like the collector edition did sell out

    congrats on the pre sales and the HYPE they have given to drive sales .. game looks great !~

    and i personally cant wait to get back to playing it .. and thank everyone at UBI NCSA for getting me in on the hands on preview (that was amazing )

    according to my NDA i can say YES i played the game for a bit ............. and yes IT ROCKED

    can't wait till OCTOBER 7th to play FAR CRY 6 again

    and yea i will always try to help any one with an issue or question..that i can assist with

    my motto has always been IF YOU SEE SOME ONE IN NEED OF HELP ..HELP EM! ...SO YOU CAN FRAG EM LATER (in the game of course)
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