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    where to Download game

    I want to download Trials 2 SE - I bought it back in Nov 2009 from the Redlynx store

    The email receipt has
    - A game key XXXXX-XXXXX
    - A download link http://www.redlynxtrials.com/MediaDownloads.action

    Following the link leads to https://forums.ubisoft.com/forumdisp...RedLynx-Studio and asks me to link a RedLynx account.

    I don't have a RedLynx account, so I click the "I don't have an account" button, but this returns back to the same place, asking to link accounts

    I also tried activating the key in Ubisoft Connect application. But it says key is not valid.

    Any way for me to play the game I purchased?

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    Many years ago i too bought Trials SE from Redlynx site.
    Ive lost the full game and serial, so i saw it on steam but my location (Australia) isnt supported to purchase it.
    Other people have told me that they can see the purchase button on steam and they are in the northern hemisphere.
    Ive tried for several years now tried to contact Redlynx with no reply from them as well tried Ubisoft and 6 months to reply back to me only to be told they couldnt help..
    And they not reply back to me in regards to purchasing it on steam.

    Trial2 SE is by far still the best game in the franchise.
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