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    The "View Detailed Info" button for benchmark runs is rather comedically broken.

    Note that New Dawn also has exactly the same problem described below.

    Specifically, the in-game browser literally just Google searches the file system address of the HTML benchmark result file, instead of directly loading it as a URL like it's obviously supposed to do. So you just straight-up wind up on a "no results found" Google page where the search being referred to is the exact file system address on your PC of the result file for the benchmark run you just did.

    Presumably this issue has something to do with a default setting in the overall Chromium Embedded Framework that Ubisoft Connect is built on having not been properly configured.
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    Thanks for mentioning this. It's not something I've seen brought up before to be honest. Just wondering if anyone else coming across this is able to let us know if this is the same case for them or if its working fine?
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