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    Fowst2010's Avatar Banned
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    Nov 2010

    Couple mixed Ideas for new block types (you got any?)

    All those blocks should be placable on the major surfaces like road, circuit, dirt, grass, ice and as rings.

    Weather blocks:

    - Change weather for 1 player only, while he's driving over it. multiple players triggering weather blocks for the whole server would result in absolute chaos.
    - Can only be cancelled by reset block
    - Fog: obstructs vision and decreases view distance to 25 blocks (just a rough estimate) decreased visibility over distance, fade to grey
    - Rain: wets the wheels and all surfaces, adds rain animation
    - Snow: All surfaces become icy within a few seconds, but maybe add a "half snow" texture for it
    - Storm / Tornado: strong winds can make your car tilt in corners with high G force and be blown off track if you tilt 90° or 75°. Wallrides and angled corners are unaffected. You had similar physics in the rallye environment I believe although it's been 13 years since I last played any of the other envis. The rollercoaster environment (can't recall the name) in Turbo also has tilting but I recommend against reusing any of that, it wasn't very pleasant.
    - Earthquake: The ground is shaking and the car bounces every second, to about the height of a standard track side barrier, allowing players to jump over them or at least get better bounce skips. The nose could also be slightly pointed up, that would be great and make for a weird landing after the 5th or 6th bounce
    - I think those would be only viable in RPG or kacky maps and would totally ruin the campaign and COTD if you were to include them on more than 1 map.
    - RPG mappers will love you

    Flat Tire / low pressure block:
    only cancelled on reset block
    - the car gets a flat tire or low tire pressure, resulting in handling delays similar, but not identical, to grass or wet plastic
    - acceleration with flat tires is reduced 20%
    - top speed of 650 (could be useful to fix the speed for some FS maps)
    - needs some cool animation to replace the wheels on the CP or reset block

    Spin block:

    - allows slowly turning the car in the air sideways
    - airbrake is disabled and replaced by spinning backwards
    - spinning forward will still make you faster
    - Pressing two directions (forward + left) will make you do "kickflips" or barrel roll, however you wanna call it
    - Turning speed should be a little faster, than reactor turns
    - Reset on landing? or on cp and reset?

    Invincible block: (originally suggested by diplo)
    - I expanded a bit on his Idea
    - hitting walls will no longer apply acceleration penalty
    - If you hit a wall, your car will bounce off at full speed or 85-90%
    - The entry angle is also the exit angle, 90°= 90° and 15° = 15°, think of pool billard
    - You currently gain speed by bouncing off plastic, maybe keep that for the invincible block and remove it for the normal game?
    - only cancelled by reset block

    Furthermore, I think you should include little status symbols somewhere on the top or bottom, that show which block types are active, and also indicate with a green X and / or blue X on the icon, if the block can be cancelled by reset only or if a CP will cancel it aswell.
    Status icons for the existing states like wet wheels, cruise control, no steering, fragile, slowmo (x1,2,3,4 etc) engine off, should be added aswell.
    A mouseover on the status icon will explain the basics of the block. This will be useful for new players who don't understand what the block exactly does. You could even go a step further and give a short tip on how to handle it, for example fragile: avoid jumping, if you have to, tap the brake in the air
    That's not useful during the race, but if you crash and want to know why because multiple statuses are active, you'll find the exact info with a mouseover. I think this is especially helpful to new players, and might be helpful to everyone when new blocks are added more regularly.
    Also add an advanced option for players to disable all status icons or each one individually, if you wanna step it up.

    Please add your block Ideas here
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    Weather block: A few of these can already be done:
    Gameplay effects :
    - Rain can be done by having player go through water (ok, it's not exactly the same but as long as you put water after any dirt it will have the same gameplay effect to the player).
    - Snow can be done with the no-grip block (it's a custom one if I remember correctly).
    - Storm in a way can be done through mix-mapping by tilting the map (ok, it's probably harder to do than it should, and it would be a "predictable storm" but I don't think having something too unpredictable is very tm friendly. Could still be a fun idea tho!)
    - Earthquake: I don't see a way of doing it except puting bumps on the road which would be predictable. Once again I'm unsure about random things in TM.. could be fun for RPG?
    Visual effects:
    Fog and other rain/snow/storm can be -kinda- emulated using mediatracker (using fog, 3d triangles, etc.). It's a bit tedious but you can technically do it I believe.

    Flat tire
    That's a fun idea that sounds in par with what TM currently proposes. +1

    Spin block
    I like the spinning forward/backward. Not sure about that kickflip/barrel thing. Not sure of what effect you proposes for when the car is not in the air.

    Invincible block
    Please nadeo, do it
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    Fowst2010's Avatar Banned
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    The kickflip Idea was just to somehow get the 3rd rotation axis with only 4 keys.
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    wow! just realized re-reading your comment that .. I DREAMED about flat tires in TM :O

    oh by kickflip you mean nose dive / up ?

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    Fowst2010's Avatar Banned
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    Nov 2010
    Originally Posted by voblivion Go to original post
    wow! just realized re-reading your comment that .. I DREAMED about flat tires in TM :O

    oh by kickflip you mean nose dive / up ?
    Here's a vid for clarification:

    Also, I'm not sure either how the block should affect you on the ground. Not at all I'd suggest. I also though about resetting it on the landing after the first airtime. So you can still ride transition without your car spinning for example.

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    Montetatil's Avatar Member
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    In my opinion, the good ideas of your post (whatever the trigger) are:

    -obstruct/reduce the vision (fog, ink stains on screen )

    -making tires wet/iced instantly and temporarily

    -putting a "blower" object (tornado, air vent) somewhere to disturb players that approach too much

    I pick these up

    Invincible block
    bad idea since it consist in changing the game physics. furthermore, speed penalty is something that lots of people want to get reduced definitely.
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    There are some very interesting ideas here.