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    No Garage Unlocks At Echelon 9

    There are Mascots in the garage with the unlock requirement listed as "Echelon Upgrade" but I haven't unlocked any of them. In theory, I assume you're meant to unlock one Mascot per Echelon, seeing as each Echelon has a designated Mascot. For example, Echelon 1 has the Smiley Face, Echelon 7 has the Eye, Echelon 8 has the Diamond, and Echelon 9 has the Cool Cloud. I've reached Echelon 9, and still don't even have the Mascot you're meant to have at Echelon 1. This is a bit annoying because some of those have unique shades of certain colors that would look great with other unlocks, which I can't use because nothing else is the right color. For example, the turquoise/aquamarine color of number 200 would look good with the Diamond of Echelon 8, and the bright green of the number 1 would match the Green Eye of Echelon 7. Anyway, not sure if there's a fix to this, but I was told by a friend that he was able to fix his same issue by posting on here.

    My username is GOZZYY04

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    Ubi-Nacho's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hi there P1Bonzai.

    Thank you for posting! Sorry to hear you're unable to access these unlocks right now. You are correct in saying that the echelon levels are tied to unlocking the respective mascots.

    Would you be able to confirm that you're running the most up to date version of TM Turbo?

    Thank you.

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    Yes, it's completely up-to-date.
    As far as I know, there's nothing I'm able to do on my end to resolve the issue.

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    Hey Bonzai, thanks for confirming that for us.

    I wanted to go ahead and report this to our team, to make them aware of the issue. To best do that, would you be able to take a few screenshots for me, and send them across on this forum thread? Here's Sony's support article on how to capture and share screenshots on PS4.

    Let me know if you have any trouble getting those screens across to us. Thanks again for your help!