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    [01/09/2021] New update changelog

    Hello everyone!

    Only on month left for the Summer season! Here is a small update with some improvements and bug fixes.
    Please also note that we updated our article about the Ranked mode: https://www.trackmania.com/2021/08/3...points-update/
    In the upcoming weeks we will add two things to Ranked:
    * Trophy earning every month according to your placement (retroactive in July and August)
    * Losing multiples times in a row at the low point limit of a rank will make the player lose a rank (number of times depending on the rank)
    Stay tuned for more info!

    Full changelog:


    * Add possibility to hide the Personal Best ghost through the leaderboard widget ingame
    * Fix an issue where the Cup of the Day qualifications warning in the LIVE tab was appearing too early


    * Add possibility to search a member in the club members list. You will need their exact login to see the result
    * Improve skin activity display
    * Improve News activity display


    * Improve Super Royal general UI and information in-game

    Have fun everyone!
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    what about costum blocks update "transform layer" ?
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    Heyo nadeo :-D

    This update broke a lot of maps, and we don't know why... We're in the middle of seeding phase with the TRF and now, our FS map is not playable anymore and we lose all records on it.

    Can we have info about what changed and if you plan to do something to bring back all those broken maps ?

    Thanks !
    source: sebYO on TRF discord
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    yep, something changed with the deformation logistics from the meshmodeler.
    In the screen below you can see my gps which was driving on the original route and then over it the new block with the changed logic.

    Big thing is, that this not only happens to maps still in the making, but to validated tracks aswell.

    Is there any info if this was intended and if you will revert this change (please)
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    Hi guys,

    Thank you for the report on the custom item geometry, I have no information for you at this moment but we are aware of the issue

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    Yes, here nadeo realy need to fix it back again. The deform layer and deform tool are no longer able to create a perfect circle. i tryed to create a 90° turn item and now on the 45° position of the deform path it has a ofset around 1 - 2 meter. pls fix it fast <3 i use the deform tool a lot. around 520 of my items are broken now and they are used very often lately on many maps including TOTD maps.

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    "Add possibility to hide the Personal Best ghost in solo through the leaderboard widget ingame"

    best thing ever

    Thanks, guys!
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    In addition to changing the geometry of some items, this update also changed the texture of some so now they have an intense glow effect. There are 4 tarmac custom curves in this image made by Stupskiesel, 2 of them look normal while the other 2 are glowing intensely
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    The stupskiesel items are one of the most relied on custom items in the game, especially for the speedier styles of maps. Really hoping for a quick fix on this. A huge amount of maps are affected.

    One more example:

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    Thx for the quick fix <3
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