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    Ubisoft plus not letting me play my games.

    My Ubisoft plus subscription is set to renew on 2021-09-04. I was playing AC Valhalla this morning and it booted me from the game and told me that my subscription had ended and that I need to renew it. When I go look at the "Manage my subscription" page it says that my subscription it says my subscription is still active, but all my games tell me "This game and content is unavailable from your current Ubisoft+ subscription".
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    I'm sorry to hear that your Ubisoft+ subscription isn't working correctly. Have you tried just logging out of Ubisoft Connect and back in first of all to see if it corrects itself?

    If not, please can you reach out via support ticket / live chat here and we can look into this further for you.

    You can also private message us on Twitter or Facebook if you prefer, and we can link that chat into a support ticket.
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