From one season to the next, you'd expect something to change, such as more tracks. But no, it's the same each season. We'd be better off without seasons, as there's either no challenge to getting diamond rank (except having enough time to actually find some matches) or you're not good enough to win and get stuck in bronze league, encouraging quitting as you get penalised just for playing the game.

The only two tracks available for diamond rank are MX and the City and Red Steel, which is rather anticlimactic. And if your opponent isn't very good at the game, you just end up running MX and the City until the cows come home.

Multiplayer could be a more enjoyable experience if:

  • Players aren't penalised for losing.
  • Players are penalised for quitting or AFKing.
  • Players can resign from a particular track, for in in the event they can't complete it.
  • Bikes that are impossible to complete the track with are removed from the selection screen, as is the case with single player.
  • All non-Ninja Trials tracks are available instead of a criminally small selection.
  • Ideally, staff-picked Track Central tracks would also be available. Not all tracks, because some have the incorrect difficulty set, severe performance issues or are plain bad.
  • Players can pick between one Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard and Extreme track instead of being forced into whatever difficulties the game gives (it's very unfriendly for newbies when they can only pick between three hard tracks).
  • The 60-second wait time is reduced to 10 seconds and the current match, if there is one, can be spectated. There's never more than about 3 people online at once anyway.
  • The option is provided to disable seeing riders' custom designs. I do not want offensive material on the living room television.
  • The XP is rebalanced to be more in-line with single-player content. I earn a bonus 30,000 XP at the end of a three-round session, which far exceeds other XP sources in the game. This results in too many loot boxes (slightly over 1 per race) and the level counter was clearly never designed to accommodate more than three digits.
  • It was cross-platform, so that it's not actually dead (at the time of writing, I'm the only Nintendo Switch player in diamond league, with there also being 1 in silver and 3 in bronze).

I'm aware the game is no longer receiving updates, so treat this as a dream if you like.