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    How to add TC tracks to local multiplayer?

    I have downloaded a few Supercross tracks from Track Central to play them in the local multiplayer mode.
    How can I add those tracks? I only see the 9 regular ones.
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    Add to favorites
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    Thanks! Thought downloading only would work, but favorite is must!
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    Couch multiplayer issues

    Even after favoriting tracks and couch multiplayer it still won't play them still get the regular tracks that I used to get and nothing more how come I can't play regular tracks can I play with other people with my own kid at home on the same console please fix this issue or tell me how to get around it somehow right now it's looking like I have to buy another whole PS4 just to play online multiplayer with my son or different tracks and that's a lot of money that I don't have also when playing couch multiplayer at home with my son we only have 14 tracks to play from how come I can't play different ones with him at the same time it's like I can play one and then I have to sign out and then he would sign in and then he could play them but that's playing my ghost not me at the same time does anyone have any ideas can we please fix this somehow
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