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    First legend in the bunker Aug - September 2021

    Averice-Yu are the first rider to reach legend status this month. With 109 546 746 golden tickets and bike cheats enable I guess all of us can do the same. Awesome game just sadly riddled with cheaters all over the place making it pretty hard/impossible for non cheaters to reach the same status. I will not ever want these cheats enabled it takes the fun out of the game and when one do accomplice a milestone it us a reflection of your skills apposed to cheater
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    It is still August... The year is correct : )
    Cheater is the synonyme of the loser.
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    2nd legend is KB-09_zerodanm yet not her cheater. Looks like the only way to move into the first position is to hack the game
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    One year I became Legend.

    Very Epic. Just once...but I always remember.
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