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    I actually really enjoy Far Cry 5

    I recently beat the main story (the ending where I fight Joseph), and I'm not sure why people hate on this one so much. I've also played 3, 4, and Primal and this one is by far my favorite. I love the characters and setting, and I think the enemy is great. I have a bit of a morbid fascination with cults so this really piqued my interest. A lot of people say they hate how the enemy AI gets really bad after liberating a region but to me it makes sense. It's like they're demoralized and confused after the defeat of their leader. I also like how they got rid of the grind of poaching animals to make your bullet cases and stuff. The achievement system they replaced it with is pretty cool because it encourages you to use different weapons and tactics. I was purely an assault rifle guy before but now I've found new ways to phttps://omegle.onl/ vshare
    lay that I otherwise wouldn't have done had the game not forced me.

    All in all a good experience.
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    As far as game play goes it is one of the best in the series if a bit easy. You can get the best load out in the game fairly early, you can get most of the best weapons fairly easily, with the hardest one to get being the SA50. But if you start out, get a bow, and a 1911, add in shovels and thrown explosives you can beat the game fairly easily with just these weapons. The best load out of the game is suppressed M60, suppressed SA50, Bow, and suppressed 1911 pistol. Using anything else is just for flavor or personal liking, but not best weapons. Even on Infamous the game is too easy with probably the hardest part being the beginning truck run with the ARC and a stupid driver named Marshal Burk.

    The issue I have is with the story, and the subtle and not so subtle messages they promote and some they may not want to promote. First one I don't like it they keep telling you, you should have walked away and you can't solve everything with a gun and basically berate you for playing the game....um, why is a game dev team berating me for buying and playing the game THEY MADE this way?? Another issue I have is how they keep saying Joseph is right, and thus this seems to make it OK to do all the horrible things done in Hope County....I mean all the killing, hanging people, maiming them, burning their brains out with bliss, the story of him killing his child, along with destroying other peoples stocks of food and supplies for his cause thereby destroying their hope to survive the ending. The funniest thing about making Joseph right and doing the ending the way they did, is simply noting that every time you defeat a section he talks about another seal being opened...and thus this causes the endings.....but if he didn't set all this up to happen there would be no seals to open and thus the ending wouldn't have happened, and since Joseph knew this, he wanted the ending to happen as it did.....but yeah, making evil right and implying heavily that you are bad for opposing evil isn't a great message to have in any video game.

    AND make mo mistake, Joseph and all his crew were EVIL, and "being right" isn't an excuse for their behavior as seen in Hope County.
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    making evil right and implying heavily that you are bad for opposing evil isn't a great message to have in any video game.
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