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    Payment not taken/month subscription is 6 days?


    I'm a little confused. I subscribed tonight to Ubisoft+ through the offer of a £1 for the first month on the website. The payment hasn't been taken yet, even though it should have been taken straight away. It's not even pending. Also, it mentioned on the page as I was subscribing that "1 discounted month per Ubisoft account from 25th august-31st August 2021". Does that mean my" month" will end on the 31st?
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    Hey, Kerbazzle!

    Thank you for reaching out about this. I am afraid we are unable to discuss your subscription on an open forum.

    Can we ask that you please contact us via a private message on our social media channels here:



    Alternatively, you can reach out to us via a support ticket HERE or a live chat HERE.

    Thank you.
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