Hi ghosts have been a wildlands player for a long time and also play Breakpoint, i've recently started a survey which i will be sending the final results off to Ubisoft this is regarding what Ghost Recon fans would like to see in the next Iteration of the Franchise.

Since i know that a lot of Future Soldier fans weren't happy with how Either Wildlands or BP turned out and just continued to play Future Soldier or older titles instead!

This may be you're best chance at getting the next game back on track as I have spoke with the GR community Manager and a DC member i know has spoken with at least one Dev who have said they are very interested in these results.

(yes i know Ubisoft isn't exactly famous for their communication with the fan base etc and there will be a lot of skepticism around this survey but the more people who take part the more we can really show the Dev team at Paris what fans really want in a GR title)

This survey has was originally shared on multiple Breakpoint Social media pages including Reddit, The Official Forum, Bullet Catcher Gaming's Discord Page, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as being mentioned on YouTube. it is now getting shared to the Wildlands communities too for better analytical Data

BUT I NEED YOU GHOSTS. I need the ghosts that weren't interested in BP. i have now shard this on the official Wildlands Sub-reddit, and will be sharing it on Wildlands Facebook pages.

This Survey is all about what YOU want to see in the Next Game so help me out please by sending this far and wide to get as many participants as possible


TIA sandilands85