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    Cross Save PS5= Series X

    Hello i have a problem with cross save . I got platinum 100% game. I do everything and got all trophies. And i got Valhalla on Series X and i link to the same UBI ACCOUNT to get Achivements.. BUt i got only a few 39/70 ;( The rest will not pop up .. Even i see some achivement got a some % i was trying almost eveythin , unlink account go offline etc ;( and still nothing ;(
    i dont wanna start a new game ...
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    Hey MarcinPLx! Thanks for reaching out with this query. Some achievements/trophies unlock retroactively, but not all. For those completed on a previous platform, you will need to perform the action again on the current platform to get it to unlock. Let me know if you have any other questions!
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