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    Conflux problem

    Hi and sory for my English.

    For the last few weeks I cannot connect to Conflux. All I get is either "wrong key" or "unknown connect error" message. I own the game since the release and had the problem multiple times in the past but it always fixed itself in a few hours/on the next day.

    This time it lasts for WEEKS with no sign of resolving. And it seems I am not the only one. Do you have some server problems? Will it be fixed at all?
    Judging by the ugly situation with Might&Magic X: Legacy, I shouldn't have high hopes but still.
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    Same problem here. Tried everything that is on internet, I cannot play newly purchased game.
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    It got worse. Now EVERYTHING is blocked (campaigns, scenarios etc.) and all of the DLCs shown as deactivated. Trying to activate them again get's "no connection" message.

    Just wonderful. First I thought that I merely lost all of the online weapon, special traits and the like. Now, when I started to think "I guess I can stll play offline campaigns...", I lose even that.
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    Hi there, you two; sorry for the lateness in replying to your thread here. For this particular issue, I would recommend create a support ticket, so we can take a closer look at this with you. However, I see that you both have a support ticket opened already. Please make sure to update your cases if you have any furhter questions or information that might be needed by our team to furhter review this with you.
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