Hello Trackmania community!

With this update, we are adding 2 time slots to the Cup of The Day! Now you can play Cup of The Day at 3AM CEST, 11AM CEST and 7PM CEST, right before the 3 Super Royal competitions. Full article about the new Cup of The Day time slots and their functioning here.
Please note that the trophies displayed at the end of the Time Attack phase of the 3AM and 11AM Cups of The Day are wrong, but you gain the right amount that you can check in your profile. The wrong display will be fixed in the next weeks, sorry for the inconvenience.

Here is the full changelog of this update:


* Display statistics of the player in the profile page for ranked and royal modes (statistics are not retroactive)
* Add possibility to select multiple replays in the "Against replay" mode
* Fix an issue where the sound would lower when hiding the UI in solo mode
* Fix rounding error with the top rankings
* Improve the display of map thumbnails in the menu
* Add club tags in Cup of The Day Time Attack leaderboards
* Add possibility to play in rounds mode on one map with a limit of rounds
* Add a 3D marker in the Royal and Ranked matchmaking menu above the cars when you are in a squad
* Display a message in the World Records widget when the map is not uploaded to the Nadeo Services


* Display Trackmaster rank and the progression when you are Trackmaster. Trackmaster are the top 10 players over 4000 points at midnight CEST/CET. Once you are Trackmaster, you will see the number of points of the player in front of you (i.e. if you are top 5, you will see the points of the top 4 player as a goal in your rank progression).


* Add possibility to leave a Royal match during the KO screen if the player is eliminated
* Fix wrong team marker displayed in rare cases
* Fix bug where the player could get a point when there's no remaining time
* New Road decal for Royal
* Display the number of Master Super Royal victories in the main Royal page if you have at least one
* Show a different animation for Bronze/Silver/Gold Super Royal victory at the end of the Super Royal finale
* Fix maintenance displayed when not needed
* Fix Super Royal description too long in some language


* Add list display of club activities
* Add possibility to remove a competition activity from the club administration
* Fix exploits with club tags to colorized the nickname
* Fix club tag update when selecting a new tag
* Fix an issue where you wouldn't be able to cancel a club join request
* Improve deleting/moving/activating club activities in the club administration
* Fix focus issue in club administration
* Display the club background in club administration

Thank you and have fun!