Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce that Rainbow Six Siege will be moving to the new Ubisoft forums!

As with previous brands that have transitioned to our new forums, this will be a fresh start for everyone. Posts, threads, and comments on this forum will be publicly archived here (in read-only mode) and they will not be copied over to the new forums.

There are many exciting features on our new forum platform, and we are looking forward to sharing them with you! These include, but are not limited to:

  • A revamped mobile experience
  • Faster performance and searching
  • Dark mode
  • Questions and Answers threads
  • Nested replies
  • The ability to toggle nested replies and infinite scrolling
  • Private live chat between players

The Rainbow Six Siege forum will go into read-only mode on August 17th. We are excited to see you on the new forum at that time!

- Ubisoft Community Team