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    Event is terrible.

    Why do you even bother when you know it's just going to be the same ****e over and over again. Why, 5 years on, am I still facing Arab and American teams in the EU servers? It's a lag fest and for some reason even tho u say they are at a disadvantage, they are all plats at worst and can absorb my bullets!!! Listen to people I am not the first to say it and won't be the last.

    It is an exploit, so fix it.
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    Hey Tap-n-Move, thanks for reaching out and sharing your feedback there.

    In relation to data centers that people are being connected to, as far as console goes, it's not something that players are able to choose manually and instead, will be directed to the best available server at the time, for that specific region.

    Taking into consideration that you have been matched up with players who have been experiencing lag issues, can I just check which data center (server) are you referring to? Also, since when did this start to happen and has your ping remained stable during the time?

    Let us know and we will take it from there.
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    I am on fibre BB in UK constant ping 20-30 max in weu. I've been on this game since day one, I notice things. One thing in particular is the guy with the highest ping always seems to at the top or up there, even when you know you have got the drop on them twice only to drop dead after shooting them. So instead of being on 0 kills and 2 deaths after 2 rounds these guys will be 7 KS and no deaths. Always the same frustrating story and only getting worse.
    If one European wants to invite 4 Arabians to EU server shouldn't the one guy go to their server. I don't trust ranked anymore because same stuff happens but in ranked you have a little symbol next to your name so you know how shafted you are getting. If I could post all my clips and pics here I would, we would be here all night. They know what they are doing when a 150 plus pinger runs around EU server like it's cod apparently bulletproof. I'm bored with it now.
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