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    Erratic game play

    Trials Frontier is my absolute favourite. Apart from hours of enjoyment the game will all of a sudden slow down to a point that it is al must unplayable. Then this will continue for an undefined period and it mess up my progress and in the bunker one can simply not compete. Also the controls become dysfunctional at times. Not allowing the up or down movent to work. So I lose golden tickets that I purchased. I am using a Samsung s10 plus with 128gig.. I certain it is not my phone. Can the support team please look into this it is very annoying.
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    Hi Dana,

    Thank you for reporting this to us, we're sorry to hear that's been occurring.

    Do the Slow-Downs happen at a specific point, or after for instance a specific time playing the game? Do you have anything that could potentially be causing issue from the background, for instance automatic updates?
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    Hi Baron

    Thank you for getting back to me much appreciated.

    This normally occurs after playing the game for a period of time. I tried restarting the game but did not change the behaviour. When this happens again I will restart the phone and test again. This should kill any background processes on the phone.

    This then will go on for quite some time and usually only revert back to normal game play much later or even only the next day. During this time the bike's acceleration is hardly responding bringing the bike to a standstill. Also the downward tilt function stop working while I can still pull the bike up. After a while it moves forward again and the process repeats itself.

    Let me try restarting the phone and let you know if it solved the problem. I can record this and post a video here for you if allowed.

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    It is happening again now. Restarted the phone but still the same. I am happy to record it or give you access to my phone to see it for yourself. Acceleration not working well at all and at times not responding while the control to tilt downwards fail....
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    Sad that the Intrest in your paying customer base is at 'n all time low. I guess it will be in order to make it know in the app store that support for the game hs been stopped and new gamers should spend money on the game knowing that it is a matter of use as is and no fixes or support will be provided.
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    Bună seara sunt blocat de 4 săptămâni
    Ce sa întâmplat din nou.
    Din păcate am auzit de asistență clienți că ar fi iar vorba de o esuare de auto identificare din contul Facebook
    Iei spera ca in maxim o lună să rezolve problema.
    Eu am inceput prima dată să joc in 2017 dar acel cont a fost blocat.
    Apoi mi-am deschis după 4 ani încă un cont dar ideea este că am 2 ani de când joc și mă simt prost că nu pot juca în buncăr și să castig ultimile painjob la KTM și KTM racing.
    Deci nu puteți face ceva să rezolvați problema.
    Apropo din păcate cursa de la miezul nopții a pierit din cauza ne actualizarilor.
    Deci puteți remedia situația
    Am muncit foarte mult sunt la nivelul 45 si la clasament de puncte 135.000 și ceva.
    Mă numesc Iulian469
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