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    [Connectivity/Installation] Lack of access to installed DLC and Online features

    I've just typed all of this out on the Ubisoft support only to realise the chat isn't available at the moment...

    Recently been playing GR:FS through Ubisoft connect and noticed a few things a while back but didn't question them until now,
    The first thing I noticed was the lack of Winter Digital camo in the gunsmith (my favourite back in the xbox days) but didn't question this too much assuming I must not have unlocked it yet,
    Then I noticed a few weapons missing, the F2000 and the AK47 which I could have sworn I had access to from the start on my xbox (had all DLC) and despite having all the DLC installed on my PC I couldn't see these weapons anywhere... Which was odd but again for whatever reason I didn't question it too much.
    Tonight I decided to play and decided to try and use some of the multiplayer stuff, to see how active it was and maybe have a game or two. I clicked multiplayer, it said I was offline (which was odd) so I told it to connect... The game then reverted me back to the title screen with an error message (screen shot at the end).
    Tried again, same result, tried again, same result.
    Tried loading community messages as something different, same result.
    Tried checking my friends, same result.

    After all this I wondered if this was connected to the reason I couldn't see DLC content, so spent time looking it up, realised I should have been able to see the content and it wouldn't need unlocking.
    Tried a few solutions and none of these seemed to work.
    I keep seeing suggestions about going to Extras, downloadable content and typing the keys in, but I don't seem to have the option to do that.
    When I click downloadable content nothing happens. It highlights on the menu but otherwise, nothing at all.

    I'm able to play games online through Steam, EA Origin and the Epic Games Launcher without any issues whatsoever, and have never had issues with DLC on any of these.
    At present GR:FS is the only game I have installed through connect but in recent sales I got quite a few other Tom Clancy games (and their DLC) so am now concerned about whether any of these would work...

    Any advice/solutions would be greatly appreciated, please find the aforementioned screenshot attached:
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    As a side note if this could be related I also get the occasional message on Ubisoft connect but it never appeared to affect anything, here's a screenshot showing the error message if it offers any insight:
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    I have all DLC (Khyber Strike, Artic and Raven), but if I'm try starting new campaign DLC not appears (only original campaign) and the map "Rooftops" not unlocked in Guerrilla War. ;(

    PS: @Dizakui The servers multiplayer are offline always.
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