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    Unable to Access Ubisoft Connect on any PS5 Game

    I am unable to access Ubisoft Connect on any PS5 game now. I tried on AC Vahalla, Immortals and Watchdog Legion and get this exact same issue that started about a week or so ago. When I hit the Ubisoft Connect button on the main screen, my screen goes black and the circle in the middle of the screen freezes. I get no error code or anything, it just freezes. I can press O to back out to the main menu of the game but everytime I try to get in to Ubisoft Connect this happens.

    It also is no longer tracking game progress/challenges which I confirmed after logging on to the website on my PC and I also didnt get the claimed rewards when I selected them on the website on my PC so it is some kind of connection issue.

    I tried restarting my system, changing my internet connection and unlinking and relinking my ubisoft and psn account but nothing has helped. Need help, dunno what else to try.
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    Still not working for me, can someone help please? I dunno what else to try.
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    Hey Ruytoo!
    How long have you been experiencing this? Have you been able to connect to Ubisoft Connect in the past on your PS5?
    Can you go through the connectivity guides linked below, especially the parts about port forwarding, and let us know if this is still happening ->
    Assassin's Creed Valhalla
    Immortals Fenyx Rising
    Watchdogs Legion
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