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    Game is not saving

    Hello there

    - My game has had issues with save the game, and i was 5 hours in and saved a couple of times in the time of playing, then i closed the game fully in the menu, then when i come back to clicking on far cry 5, there is no "continue" button so then i am super confused, so i started again, and saved and quit after 3 hours and then came back the next day and it still was not there, so basically my game is not saving any more, it use to but then suddenly one day it just stopped.
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    Hi Lewis-Davey,

    Thank you for reporting this to us, we're sorry to hear you've had issues saving your progress.

    Just to confirm, every time you play it starts over fresh? If you start a new game, Save Back out to the menu does it reset at that point or only after completely closing the game or is it only after a restart?
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