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    Virtual keyboard pops up when clicking the direction stick

    I have an issue with my controller : when I click with my steering analog (which happens quite frequently when i'm taking turns), there's a popup of a virtual keyboard wich leads my game to automatically alt-tab. I could leave it here and I wouldn't have any problem, but when i leave it open in the background, my game gets laggy and I can't press the restart at checkpoint button or the game automatically alt-tab.
    Anyone have had this issue and knows how to fix it ?

    Thanks all


    The problem was actually due to steam, I just had to close the steam client and the problem didn't happen anymore. I guess i have to find a way to unbind it in steam....

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    Hey meedle02, thanks for providing an update there and I'm glad you've managed to find out what is causing this to occur.

    I do hope you reach the resolution there (would strongly recommend reaching out to Steam Support in case if you do struggle to find a workaround) and should there be anything we can help you with, feel free to reach out at any time!