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    Will the game still be supported for another 3 years? I'd like to buy Club Access.


    I remember reading somewhere that 3 years was the minimum amount of time Nadeo expected they could support the game, even if it was a commercial failure. This was sometime close to launch, so I cannot remember whether this was an official statement.

    It's been a year, and I'm interested in buying 3 years of Club Access, but it's unclear whether the game will be supported / updated for that long. It's still on sale which indicates they're committed to another 3, but I wanted to get a second opinion.


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    Hey Toopliss, thanks for reaching out!

    That's a very good question you have however I am afraid it's not the information we would have at this point in time.

    3 years is quite extensive period and only time will tell what will happen, as there are so many factors involved in the decision making for such a query.

    If you are committed and if you do see yourself as a long-term player, I would suggest to consider buying 1 Year Club Access instead and hopefully we will have more information at a later date, however again - it is entirely your own decision to make there .

    Apologies if this was not a definite answer that you may have been expecting for and if you do happen to have any further queries, let us know!
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    Originally Posted by Ubi-Karl Go to original post
    Apologies if this was not a definite answer that you may have been expecting for and if you do happen to have any further queries, let us know!
    No worries - I appreciate the fact that an official staff member acknowledged a question like this at all. Thanks, have a good one.

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    With Nadeo it's quite a gamble if they can keep their ideas coming or not. ItÄs also their first time doing a game like this with such a price model.

    The plan is apparently to support it "for many years" but how many.. well let's just say they also wanted to support United Forever and Maniaplanet for very long and look how that ended..
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    To be fair, ManiaPlanet did last for nearly a decade before it was ditched, even if it only got 2 updates a year in the twilight of its lifespan.

    TM2020 is still only in its infancy right now, there's still a long way to go. We'll have to wait and see what happens.
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    Hi! I just would like to tell what I notice since one year:
    Despite Nadeo added a lot of features for the free access and 10€ access, they made zero upgrade of the 30€ club access.

    A lot of features are, so far, not that interresting/optimized enough. so many things could deserve to be upgraded.
    "club" was supposed to be a kind of interactive community network, but it's far from this.

    I also encountered several bad suprizes when creating a room: your servers/maps are not visible in the arcade interface unless your club has a certain number of subscribers.

    I strongly advise to wait before buying club.