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    Assassin's Creed

    I am actually a fan of the animus project, and the concepts brought forward in the game properties of the assassins creed series. Many of these reasons have to do with the true history of the assassins, as well as the actions of individuals. Before I attract the wrong attention, I want to assure you that I am an average person, without bias, or any connection to political groups.

    The series offers the opportunity to cast an individual in the role of an assassin. There use of technology, how it worked, and the process, of revealing a world core, has been one of the most critically acclaimed. The idea is to bond the individual to the process of the animus, and support a virtual reality, that can be returned to.

    Instead of named individuals, it is possible to template character designs, to fill in the gaps in known history. The ability to model invention and ideas into the system, has been one of the forms of individual expression. I feel that in many examples, the concept was closer to picking up a record of the subconscious mind, but due to the official denials of information, I believe the politics can be better understood by everyone out in the open.

    This often can focus on any motion capture, and almost any era of history. You could see the equipment change. through revolution, and decades of technology. The brotherhood, and there factions change. One challenge is to preform your investigations, and determine facts. What kind of character template, has the skills to result in the modern version of crime, as it has evolved into its modern forms. The ties to the brotherhood, also include groups with there own version of the animus. Only one system can ultimately prevail. I want to look again at eras of history, and examine the thefts of technology, that put the future of invention into the hands of the common.

    If I could trace one group, I would look at the American actors, who's process lead to the Americas from Europe. Then work out how those influences played a part during the revolutionary war. There is a very clear group of responding characters from American history, in representatives, and congressmen, that I see that group as among the greatest American idealists. From famous ties to it's Masonic history, the secrets where built out in the open, and so anyone would have known about the historical declaration of fortifications. Secret passages, and secret societies, made up the darkest history of revolution.
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