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    Questions about Far Cry New Dawn.

    Hello guys,

    I just picked FC New Dawn with a mate and I have few questions about it. I already finished the far cry 5. so I am familiar with the gameplay.

    I just need to know some stuff about coop.

    -if I upgraded my weapons bench. can my friend buy elite and level 3 weapons out of mine. or do we have to unlock on both my campaign and his?

    -can the guest keep the materials we collect?

    -what is the fastest way to get materials to upgrade your bench?

    -is there anyway beside crafting the SA-50 Sniper in order to obtain it?

    Thanks for your help in advance.appvalley tutuapp tweakbox
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    KmarkoPL's Avatar Senior Member
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    Short answer : the coop is exactly same as in FC5
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    modmcsupersport's Avatar Member
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    He can buy the upgraded weapons, but will not have them unlocked for others if you go back to his game, so if you unlock good weapons on your game, they will carry over to his, but if you haven't unlocked something, he would have to upgrade his bench for you to get them in his game.

    Guests keep all materials.

    No clue on best way, would greatly depend on what is needed I don't remember it being all that hard.

    SA50 is only crafteable as far as I know, generally speaking found weapons are pretty bad.

    Oh, if you are playing single player, get your companion base maxed and get Horacio the Boar, once he is maxed out he is unstoppable, and can almost solo anything you want him too. In Co-op I don't think you can have an animal companion, but for when you are soloing, he is best there is once maxed.
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