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    I can not join track of the day

    I try to join the track of the day but get stuck while loading the track. i see the track from the top and can read the chat, but cannot chat myself and need to close the hole game

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    Pic Url not showing

    here the url to the pic https://ibb.co/WFcDzkw

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    Its day1 gamebreaking bug .

    Here you got 3 fixes i found and asked them to pin this on main page, but they dont want to do this either so im giving it everytime someone post about it.

    1.) you can restarting game till you can join
    2,) you can wait till server restart after timer goes to 0:00 and you probably can play but the problem is you dont see timer cuz there is no hud. I only using this method when im joining cup of the day and connecting to server 5 min before cup starts.
    3.) This is the best method. After you having this bug restart game, drive solo one time and then go to online again and you will connect without problems

    also someone mention that openplanet got force server restart button but i dont want use openplanet till ubisoft tell that its safe to use.
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    Hey luquet91, thanks for getting in touch and sorry to hear about the problem you've been dealing with.

    Just as BrzuchLewego suggested, I can indeed confirm that this issue has been brought up to our development team, however we did have difficulties with reproducing this, therefore so that we could look into the matter further, can I ask you to advise us the following:

    1. Are you using any VPN or any other app that may affect your internet connection? If you are, try disabling it temporarily and see whether it makes any difference
    2. Are your drivers updated to the latest version?
    3. Do you possibly have any additional information that may help to reproduce this?
    4. Is there any chance you could share your DxDiag with us? To do so, please follow steps outlined in the following article

    Let us know and we will take it from there!