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    Linux support


    I would to know if some of you was able to get a smooth experience on linux.
    I use the last version of scrip available on Lutris for Trackmania 2020 on 2 of my PC an get the result, the game crash at some point.
    On my PC with a Nvidia card it's about 2~3 after the loading of map.
    On the PC with a Amd card i can play (really good performance! ), but it crash at random time once in a map. I think some map trigger easily the crash.

    On both i run the distro Fedora 34, i tried many runers, and i got the same result or the game don't even run.

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    Hey conreo, thanks for reaching out!

    In terms of Linux OS, I am afraid it's not supported for the game, therefore we would not really be able to provide you with any suggestions or troubleshooting in this particular case, however if you are experiencing difficulties with Windows OS and would like to look at ways to resolve it, let us know and we will be more than happy to help .