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    No Scholor house Icon. Cant build Scholor houses !!!

    I have completed the Land of Lions quest, and I have been given the proof "Build 10 Scholor houses and reach 1500 Elders" by the Waha Desher Biniam.
    BUT there is no Scholar house icon in the building menu. I know this is a bug, cause I have been able to build scholars in other games I have played, and I have changed nothing in my setup. I use mods from Spice-up, and I also did that in another game, where I DID get the Scholar house icon. And in the questbook Where the headline is Biniams Vision - Great possibility (with the picture of Binian) the Scholar house icon is blank, Its just a white square where it use to do an icon of a scholar house.
    I followed #Takarazukas playthrough (cause I loaded a previos safe, cause I thought I did something wrong) But its the same bug. I get the notice from Biniam.....You now have 10 Scholar resident permits, but no icon, and no notice that "New buildings have been unlocked.

    So what do I do ???
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    Thanks very much for your post about this, danielstorgaard - that sounds most frustrating!

    As you'd mentioned this worked fine in other games, but doesn't in this game, we can reasonably surmise that this is an issue with just your current game, correct? You'd mentioned that you'd used these mods in the other game too, which is a great thing to mention for troubleshooting, but we still have no way to know how mods will interact with the game, so we're unable to offer official support.

    If you find this issue occurs with the vanilla, unmodded game, please do let us know!

    In the meantime, perhaps another member of the community here on the forums can suggest a solution.
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