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    i cant start downloading for honor on uplay.

    Hello all the time when i try to go into uplay it always says (initializing) for like 30 min and when its done saying that on my screen it just says ERROR when im
    trying to start the launcher. And i dont know what i can do about it. ive tried everything on youtube and i have literally reseted my whole computer and it still doesnt
    work. I maybe can open my launcher like 1 time a day. But i cant download things on ubisoft after ive got logged in to it because it says like ( ERROR code: 17006 ).
    And now i have reseted my whole computer for no reason because it still doesnt work. It says that its a service that wont startup correctly or something im rly sad
    abt this because i bought ( for honor ) and i cant even install or even download it. Please help me fix this(
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    Hey there Melleking123Ema! Welcome to the Forums! I'm sorry to see that you're having some issues with getting the Ubisoft Connect app to work, however. I do appreciate you letting me know what the error code you're receiving is! That error code typically means that there is an issue with connecting to our online services. Since you are receiving that error, I highly recommend giving these steps a try to ensure that your connection is optimized and everything is running smoothly. If you still continue to receive this error code after trying those steps, grab a screenshot of your ports and open a ticket with us on our Support Site so that we can take a better look at what's going on for you!
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