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    Kyoshin Hero

    Hello, I just bought Kyoshin hero from the store, but can't select it in game (it's locked). So I restarted my PC to see if it coudl fix this issues, and now the hero DLC doesn't show up in the owned DLCs list and I have to purchase it again.
    Am I the only one out there?
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    Nope, same issue, got the invoice, mail, all good. Except the hero is still locked ingame for me.
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    Same here. They better fix this and not take multiple weeks to do this like in Marching Fire.
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    Same PC - EU/UK

    Same. The season pass had the same problem.

    Username: Soldier_of_Dawn
    Platform: PC/Uplay
    Region: EU/UK

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    I did it too but on PS4, where I bought the hero bundle BEFORE my game fully updated. Then when it updated I think it doesn't register that I purchased.
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    Same but PS4

    Me and my friend bought him straight away and both have the exact same problem
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    Same here on ps5. This same thing happened with gryphon when he released as well which makes it more annoying
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    Same here on PS5 and I'm seeing a pattern with every hero release that there seems to be this same problem
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    Same thing here, Soooo Annoying
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    Same. The season pass had the same problem.
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