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    Any plan for Asia themed Anno 1800 DLC?

    Not interested in China at all, but

    Korea or Japan themed!
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    I hope for the last part of the dlc to have India (this fits in the British empire theme).
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    India or... Wild West ;>
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    Actually all of these work and would love to see all of them at some point. China would make the most sense as it was kind of hinted at in the campaign by one of the AI, and I was hoping that we would get a DLC there as well.
    The issue here is that I want them to be well done and that they should have more than two resident tiers, but I don't know if the devs would want to invest time and resources into that. Still, it would be awesome to see!
    I'm totally on board with India getting a smaller pack, similar to the Land of Lions, maybe. My main issue being that these are more land locked countries and 1800 seems to have a rather large emphasis on islands and whatnot. There are ways to play around this, sure, but not how much extra effort that would be.

    Wild West is an intriguing idea, I never thought of that.
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    Basing it off the South China sea could work, allows more range of cultures to be covered and was a bit of a crowded region with different nations and colonies and opens up a range of resources.
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    Either India or China would be fantastic as both were extremely important to the Victorian Era economy. I would love to be able to build up a Hong Kong or a Shanghai Bund area in Anno 1800
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    They could do it similarly how it was done in Anno 1701 with the 4 native civilisations.
    So we get to South East Asia and meet there 4 Characters from 4 different civs. China, Japan, India and maybe Kore or Siam. There we make first a few quests and then we can chose one as an Ally. Every Civ can only be chosen by one player. First come first serve. In the chosen Style we build our cities there and each one is a little different. Like Japan has Meji Restauration and we can industrialise there with electricity, China has a huge population and can be inked with all the other isand areas with a laborer pier or something. And so on. There is lot of potential I think.
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    i also want to see it, because i'm a big fan of Japanese setting
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    I like the idea of India and Southeast Asia. That would be more fun. But I think there would be some overlaps with the NEW WORLD (Building styles, cultures, etc.)
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