I always have problem with late game that it seems a bit static. Money is became almost usless as i`m making milions and have nothing to spend it on. As well aliances don`t seems to have any point, its pretty much same to non agression pact. My suggestion is to add some option in aliances like support war efford. Money, resources could be use to help create bettlefleet to help conquer some island from opponen. Something that can`t be use all the time (for instance once in 2 hours) it would require time to build and size would depend on how much money and resources was contributed It could be build like monument in stages. I think whis would bring some dynamic to the game (especially late). It would be nice to be able to support in such way pirates or maybe piromancers or other secret organization in order to bring bit more spice to static game. I think economical depth of the game is really good at the moment in my opinion. I usually dont try to keep peace in the game but i thing supporting my ally, pirates, queen or king would be cool and would made game less static. Actually AI could make a use of quite extensive defence they build