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    Deluxe edition 23 minute crash/no online play theory

    Ok so I bought the deluxe edition through steam & had the infamous 23 minute crash with no access to shadownet or co-op/competitive.

    Now I looked into some things & found that the cdkey for the game is invalid apparently. See these screenshots:


    So basically I entered the cdkey of another game I bought & it told me it was already used but with SC:B the cdkey says invalid so it's obviously not reporting a valid cdkey when it checks either when connecting to online modes or after 23 minutes when it force checks.

    I believe if a valid cdkey was given out to everyone with this issue it would work flawlessly, the offline trick works due to this checking not happening at the 23 minute mark but of course while the sp works; in this case the online stuff is still off limits.
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    Ok what you said might be true for the delux edition but the issue everyone is facing rn is not related to it. It does not matter if you have the delux edition or the normal one, you cannot play online right now because the servers are down.
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    Aye, got a refund on deluxe & got standard version instead but same issues persist.
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