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    Please fix the trees

    All right, the trees of the gardens, at least they grow on their own. BUT! Free planting ornamental trees. It's a nightmare, after restarting the game, to see that they need to be planted again. Considering that their planting itself does not work well, and you have to poke one cell at a time. (in Anno 1404, the landing was implemented at the highest level)


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    Thanks for getting these screenshots across to us, Artafern - that's most helpful!

    Can you explain further what happens after restarting the game? What seems to happen to make it that you need to replant these trees? Am I right in thinking there were previously trees where you've drawn arrows on these screenshots, but after a reload these trees have either moved or disappeared?

    I'd appreciate any further clarification you can give, to help me best see how to get this resolved
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