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    A question about Far Cry 5


    recently I've been looking into buying Far Cry 5, partly for its story and for its map editor. However, before I go off and buy the game I'd like to know whether the standard edition of the game also gets you the DLC content for the editor, or whether you need the season pass to unlock those assets. I've searched far and wide for an answer but couldn't find what I was looking for, so hopefully you folks can help me out.

    Thank you in advance for the response.https://9apps.ooo/
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    Good question. Another question -- and probably better one -- is, do you get access to those assets even if you buy the DLC (ie. gold edition)?

    I'm presuming you spent some time in the FC4 Map Editor. If history is an indicator, and If so, you'll remember that the FC4 ME had very limited asset access. You had to get Janne252's FarCry 4 Editor Mod Launcher to really begin to have some fun.

    Now for the .50 HEIAP to the nutsack. The FC5 Map Editor is absolutely nothing like its predecessor. The first overwhelmingly disappointing spec you'll notice is that you get approximately 5% of the real estate (navmesh) that you did in the FC4 ME. It appears that they attempted to incentivize FC PVP both through the FC5 "Arcade" ME, and the numerous "Arcade" stations/terminals at fast travel POIs on the map in-game. Bad call. FC PVP has always sucked donkey phallus -- intrinsically due to its gameplay -- and always will. I'm waiting for the devs to have that epiphany and outright scrap the extremely limited resources they allocate to it. However, it's more likely a foot-in-the-door marketing strategy for the oblivious.

    The interface is also comparatively [to the FC4 ME] oversimplified and unintuitive.

    What should have been done was expanding upon the FC4 ME; not necessarily available real estate (navmesh dimensions), but full access to game assets/objects (what Janne252's FarCry 4 Editor Mod Launcher attempted to correct), as well as increased system resources (more objects, settings, etc.) allocated to your creations to make them more immersive.

    TL;DR... FC5 Map Editor = FAIL

    I loaded the FC5 ME up, toyed with it for fifteen minutes, burped up some morsels of my previous meal, and never looked at it again. Contradistinctively, I spent hundreds of hours in the FC4 ME.
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