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    Hunter timed mission

    The mission where the hunter shoots you with an arrow and then you wake up and have kill everyone in a certain amount of time. I just cannot get this done! First of all, I hate being forced to do a mission. No matter what you do the hunter still shows up and hits you with the arrow so you can't move on! This thing is really pissing me off. Anyone know how to do this thing so I can move on? This game has alot of missions that you get stuck in a never ending loop and no quit option! WTF? Who ever the genius is that came up with this idea is a moron. Please help before I take a fricking sledge hammer to my ps4!
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    Anybody out there?
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    **** this game, im done. I'm stuck in this God damn hunter mission forever! Can't beat it, can't quit, I've tried quitting to the main menu and no matter if you run, or try to grab a car the damn hunter shoots you with the arrow and sucks you back into the mission! This is the worst, most annoying ******g **** I've ever seen. WHY IN THE HELL DO YOU PUT SOMETHING IN A GAME LIKE THIS! This is ridiculous! There's no real reason to play it anymore if I can't get out of this mission. Ubisoft, you gotta be kidding me with this ********.
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    Definitely not buying 6 if you have this kinda **** to deal with.
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    It really sucks because I was really starting to like this game but there's other missions that if you get killed it spawns you back to the place that triggers the mission again. Who makes a game like that? Do the developers not see the problem? Why haven't they fixed this a long time ago? This is really frustrating. I just don't see why they would think this was good for the game. I got this game dirt cheap but without being able to quit a mission I want my money back, it's not worth 50 cents with problems like this.
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    This mission must be much harder on consoles than on PC, because it really isn't that hard. You should be able to turn the difficulty down to easy if you have too, all enemies die with one shot, time usually isn't much of a factor as long as you are killing and using takedowns when you can. If you can find a companion to Co-op with you it makes it even easier. Sadly, I am on PC only so I can't help you there. If you find being taken against your will annoying, then you really don't need to play FC5, as there are like 9 different times you are taken and have to do what they want without quitting. Only Faiths area really doesn't involve fighting most times, but poof, you still get whisked away when you hit the proper level of resistance.
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    It certainly sucks because I became surely beginning to like this recreation however there's different missions that if you get killed it spawns you returned to the area that triggers the mission once more on getflink. Who makes a sport like that? Do the developers not see the hassle? Why have not they constant this a long time ago?
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