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    Does anyone else think the ending is frustratingly abysmal?

    You play through the game saving some awesome characters like pastor Jerome, Casey, Sharkey only to have them all nuked in the end? You don't even get to kill the bastard Joseph? Are you ****ting me?

    Which person thought it would be at all satisfying? It's not even shocking as was probably the intention. It is just plain frustrating and massively dissatisfying. It's like you either ran out of ideas or is setting up some dlc horse **** which would be a real ****ing low move, especially with now you have marginal community trust thanks to for honour and siege. What's more frustrating than anything is I REALLY enjoyed the story. Just the ending left a really ****ty taste in my mouth.
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    dude i feel you. i'm still holding out hope for a Good ending DLC

    but i'm waiting for a price drop and get a used copy before i get it again. it was 4 our of 5 stars for me but that ending knocked it down to a 2. i am a believer of you earn your happy ending, and there were like i think 5 side missions that touched on the mind control/drug control and how to fight it. but it was ignored.
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    This really sucks... I still want to do all side quests and other stuff but when I press continue in the main menu I am in a bunker for 3 seconds and then the credits come up. I dont want to do everything again...

    Edit: Seems like the continue thing was a bug... After restarting the game I spawned outside and everything looks like before the nuke. Also everyone is alive.
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    SPOILERS Warning!!!! (Maybe should be added too the topic title just in case aswell?)

    Yeah I guess if that is considered the good ending it sucks for everyone else.Hope it is a bliss induced nightmare and a future dlc shows another ending.

    Guess the secret ending shows the best ending for all involved,meaning you don't go in solo with a small cadre of marshals or police force but try to go in peacfully and call in the army and let them deal with the problem.
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    Storytelling was never the stronges point at Ubisoft. They should get some professional and dedicated writers in order to have a proper story.
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    I haven't been this annoyed by an ending since Mass Effect 3. Which was 6 years ago, almost to the day... The only thing that makes it slightly less outrage worthy over ME3 is it didn't span three full games only to end with this complete garbage.

    To be clear, I can live with an ending that isn't happy to the point of being sappy. I can live with mediocre endings. Far Cry 4's ending was pedestrian to the point where I had largely forgotten it and had to really think back on it to remember what happened to Pagan Min and Kyrat. But this ending actively angers me. Rescuing everyone, building your local coalition, making friends with the locals and establishing friendships, helping Nick's family deliver their daughter, gathering all the collectibles for people.. all of it was for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It all burns in fire at the end. No matter how you spin the endings they're all awful and basically tell the player they've wasted their time.

    Then, as if to pour salt in the wound, they change the load screen to remind you that everything is now a smoked out wasteland. The whole thing has killed any interest I have in playing the game again. I don't want to play coop, I don't want to go back and finish up the handful of campaign trophies I hadn't gotten. I don't even want to play FC Arcade.

    Figures that the 'best' ending is the secret ending at the start. To quote WOPR from the old movie WarGames -- and an absolutely relevant quote given the "true" ending -- "A strange game. The nly winning move is not to play."
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    This game had 1 job to do - let me END the bad guy... I was stunned they'd end it like that - immediately became one of the worst games I've ever played...
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    watched the credits 3 times waiting for a continue button but no.... really liked game, gameplay, story, art, told friends to check it out.... but you guys had to **** it completely at the end. Someone in the "**** everything to hell" dept. saw what you guys were up to and sent over a battalion of ****wits to finish the game. gg
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    I thought the characters were great but story terrible. Captures were embarrassingly stupid. Boss fights something out of elder scrolls. Bottom line I think game they showed at E3 was reworked into this semi socially responsible dookie sandwhich. Endings are so terrible I can't bring myself to keep playing.
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    You have to remember what they pretty much preached through the game,...

    You can't solve everything with a bullet....basically saying Violence is not the answer and is wrong.....

    Now take that idea and apply it to the whole game idea of a violent shooter, and being that violence is wrong, you then can't allow a "good" or happy or satisfying ending, or in any way rewarding ending for engaging in this violent behavior....so they make horrible endings so they don't reward you for your murdering in game....

    Sad, that they are letting social justice or personal belief about a behavior ruin their games. I don't even think they realize the level of evil they are encouraging to be allowed to flourish just to make their point. They forget that sometimes you DO have to use violence, but the good people regret it, and the evil ones relish it.....
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