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    Prestige Operator Gripes

    I love the Prestige Operators and how the thought of them being activated and rendered in the huge map of London doing their own thing. However I have a few issues and brainstorms for Ubisoft to take into creative consideration:

    1st: Prestige Operators should NOT take up space in at least Campaign mode .

    2nd: Reward the players who buy them and make them worthwhile like give them 4 beneficial perks instead of three. Like I can see Viper having Kelley Vendetta and the freebie Old Lady with Police Contact. Just as an example.

    3rd: Allow a world device to upload bookmarked ops you've let go so if you want to find them again that device in the safehouse can locate them for you. Not exactly prestige op related but would be handy to have.

    4th: Merely optional, but why not further encourage clothing bundle purchases by having the unlock a Prestige Op that wears the skin. I can totally see a few of them wearing those skin like the one with the super-hero cape being a royal guard/police and the neon music box being a dj ((Just make sure the dj has a personal motorcycle))

    What do you guys think? I am merely a collector but I'm up for constructive criticism and how you guys would want things related to Prestige Ops handled.
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    secretzrus's Avatar Senior Member
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    Prestige Operatives don't take up slots from regular ones...
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    Oh well that's good
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    I would like the ability to sub-categorize Prestigious from regular Operatives.
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    Originally Posted by RCDeschene Go to original post
    I would like the ability to sub-categorize Prestigious from regular Operatives.
    Yeah, I'm definitely on board with this. Maybe not even sub-categories but just a way to organize operatives in general.
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